Friday, October 29, 2010

Garden Party

When I first think of a Garden Party... my mind leads me to the tales of Alice in Wonderland...

Vogue December 2003 'Alice in Wonderland' themed shoot by Annie Liebovitz

'Chrysanthemums' by Claude Monet

ELLE November 2010 Cover with Kate Hudson

My favorite floral detail... 
Jeffery Campbell 'Meow Floral Lace Ups', $90

Kenzo Resort 2011... Hosts the 'Garden Party' theme...

(Courtesy of

Stella McCartney Resort 2011... Is also a host of the Party's theme... 

(Courtesy of

With special guest... Oscar De La Renta Spring 2011

(Courtesy of

Free People Lace gloves

Floral Silver 'Heart' Ring, $104

A floral necklace of mine I had hand-painted with my name
 when I was abroad in Brussels.

Antique Mosaic Broche
(Would pop on a black blouse...)

You're invited to the 'Garden Party' of the year. When browsing for inspiration... I came across the 2011 Resort Collections. I couldn't help but notice a popular theme within some of the collections. Stella McCartney and Kenzo designed beautiful resort-wear with a modern twist on the traditional floral print. They made their clothes look like they had just walked out of a glamourous tea party, so fabulous that only the Mad Hatter could have hosted such an event. While, I know it is only October and it is a bit early to think of what to wear for the spring season, I believe everyone should add a touch of tea party to their winter wardrobe- whether its a ring, gloves or even a broche. 
Its never too early to prep for this upcoming party.

Even Betty Draper, from Mad Men, is sporting the Garden Party trend.

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