Saturday, October 9, 2010

Cupcakes, Rompers and Heels... aka. Best Birthday Ever!

 Cupcakes delivered to my door from my parents in Colorado! :)
Frosted Cupcakery
1200 North Highland Ave
Los Angeles, CA, 90038-1207
(323) 467-1080
Red Velvet, Mint, Lemon, Pumpkin, Reese's and Chocolate cupcakes!
Could a woman ask for anything more?? I think not. 
Birthday Option #1: Urban Outfitters Romper
Perfect for a casual day and for a night out on the town! This look can be dressed up with some patterned tights, wedges/heels and lots of layered jewelry. For a more dressed down look, try a denim vest, flats and a fedora hat. Tonight, I am going to wear with my black wedges and a hot pink bra! Come on... I got "birthday girl" it up a little. ;) Also, because it is a romper, I know I can nothing will ride up... or slip down... perfect for a birthday night!
Hot pink H&M "Divided" Bra
Birthday Option #2: Anthropologie "Maple" dress
Besides the great print... I was drawn to this dress for the structured-quilted bust. It adds just enough subtle detail. The sweetheart neckline is a flattering plus for any woman. Also, no need for a strapless... this bad boy will stay up on its own. Pretty much a great deal all around! 
Seychelles Black Pumps
 I found these pumps at Nordstrom and fell in loveeee. They are uber comfortable! With the chunky heel an ankle strap, I feel like I could go out all night!

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  1. the cupcakes look amazing! a care package from home is always nice.