Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Casual Monday

Forever 21 printed top, Levi dark denim ripped shorts, Merona knee high socks, Steve Madden boots and a mix of jewelry (Forever 21- pearl bracelets and Urban Outfitters rocker necklace).

Monday I had big plans to do my photo shoot in Malibu, sadly Mother Nature had other plans. Rain. And lots of it. Since I've moved here, it has yet to rain... nothing, nada. So my roommate, Maggie, and I decided to take this rainy day and as Tim Gunn would say and, "Make it work." So we ventured out into this new world... and went to this great coffee shop called 'Kings Road Cafe'. Here, we ordered a 'Dirty Chai'. I am the usual coffee drinker and like to get my usual... Skinny Vanilla Latte. Not today. Maggie convinced me to try a 'Dirty Chai'. And I loved it! I did of course add a packet of sugar... don't judge. 
The "Dirty Chai"
Kings Road Cafe
8361 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90048-2633
(323) 655-9044
James Franco 
When we talked about seeing this movie, my roommate was excited about the poetry (seeing as to how she has read the book) and needless to say, I was excited to see James. But as we watched the movie, I noticed my switch of admiring James Franco to actually listening to the poetry. The movie was very interesting and it had a great cast. 
Poetry reading scene in the movie. With these scenes, I like to pay attention to the small details in the outfits... the watches, glasses, headbands, jewelry. 
Jon Hamm
Mary-Louise Parker
I LOVE the glasses, hat and the leave pin they attached to her top. I enjoyed how the Costume Designers, Kurt and Bart, stayed true to the late 1950s period.

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