Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cover Fanatic- 'The Talented Miss Mulligan'

I have to thank the October 2010 edition of Vogue for these beautiful shots! Carey looks stunning in these brights for fall. The shapes shown in this spread are exquisite. The synched ruby peplum jacket with the pink ribbon is a great way to wear two colors in the same spectrum. An item I think we should all have in our closets is a wide brim hat. I found a great one at a thrift store! 

 I also really enjoyed the voluptuous turquoise skirt. I feel like in fall, we tend to stray from lively colors- stick to our comfortable blacks and neutrals- but hopefully we all re-think those grays and beiges and reach for a summer spectrum this fall... I know I will!
The first movie I ever saw with Miss Carey Mulligan, was "The Greatest". Its a wonderful movie about love- lost and found. I highly recommend it for those who like smaller indie films and are a sucker for great acting and... Pierce Brosnan. (Yes, its true Mr. James Bond is in it as well!) For those who know me, they know I am a huge movie buff. I will see almost anything and everything. But what I put in my top 5 is has to be very special. And "The Greatest" makes my cut. 
Be sure to grab your popcorn and tissues for this one. ;)

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