Thursday, October 21, 2010

Happy Fall!

Even though living in Los Angeles has its perks... I definitely miss the seasons from Colorado. When looking for creative ideas, for my roommate and I, to decorate our apartment with this fall... I took a glance at Anthropologie's blog site. Where I found these pretty darn cute looking pumpkins. Brought to you by the 'Thompson Family Blog', these little guys can brighten any room and add a sense of Autumn ambiance to any casual holiday party. 

Fall To-Do:

1. Attend a scary movie at Outdoor Cinema Food Fest... (with picnic and blankets and wine... of course)
2. Make a batch of pumpkin cookies... (from scratch...)
3. Check out the Rose Bowl Flea Market.
4. Spend a day photographing anything and everything fabulous across Hollywood and Downtown LA.
5. Bring my bike out from CO and ride down Melrose Avenue... (and Rodeo... and Sunset...)
6. People watch at 'Le Petit Four' on Sunset Blvd.
7. Go on more hikes with Maggie in Runyon Canyon.
8. Get a drink at the Roosevelt Hotel.
9. Find another job to pay for this To-Do list.
10. Spend a few hours a week relaxing, from job searching, with a coffee (and cupcake!)

( More to come... :) )

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