Monday, May 7, 2012

While you were sleepin'

As some of you may recognize, I have taken a (serious) hiatus from my site. For my distinguished followers, I apologize for my lack of attention. While on this leave of absence, I had an abundance of time to think and truly process where I stand in my life. What I really want to do.. where I want to be.. etc. In our world today, I feel we become so consumed in our immediate lives that we don't-- sit back and smell the flowers. 

My friends, I have finally smelled the flowers. While I may have smelled these flowers in a car... at a stoplight near a park... I figure the saying still counts.

While I often dislike reading overused clich├ęs, I will keep this short. Scare yourself. 
It's your life, why not live it?

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