Tuesday, May 8, 2012

minty fresh

YSL Gold-Plated Glass Ring, $290

Christian Chaize - 25/08/10 Praia Piquinia Photograph

Dannijo - Roe Necklace $495

While I plan my big move, my new favorite pass-time has quickly become 'apartment decorating'. Next thing I knew, I was stocking up on House Beautiful, Domino and other fabulous decor periodicals, instead of my usual gossip gags (People, US Weekly and when the moment calls for it-- OK Magazine). When I landed at the the newsstand register, I took a gander down at my masterful magazine collection... immediately realizing I have (yes, it's official) become my mother. 

Despite the fact that many women dread realizing this life-altering moment, I've come to embrace it. Good 'ol Wendy has opened my eyes to bright colors ever since I was a wee one.  I've always lived in what we joke to be 'fruit salad homes'. Kiwi green living rooms, grapefruit pink bedrooms, banana yellow bathrooms... if it was colorful (& edible) we lived in it. 

At some point during my 2 year residency in NYC, my inherited vibrant palate has become-- for lack of a better word-- dark. I've tucked away my cheerful hues for the city's sleek blacks and greys. 

Thankfully this minty fresh hue has awaken my dreary New Yorker spirit and
encouraged me to think-- inside -- my Crayon box.

Happy Decorating, my friends. Happy Decorating.

Images brought to you by: 
HouseBeautiful.com, APerfectKindOfDay.com, RealSimple.com, TheDecorista.com, Dannijo.com & Polyvore.com

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