Saturday, November 27, 2010

Dream Living

After living in Los Angeles for only a few months... 
I recently found out I got an amazing internship back in NYC! I am very very pumped but definitely bummed to leave my wonderful friends (and weather!) from this sunny state! 

Since searching Craigslist and countless NYC apartment sites isn't my favorite past-time, I decided to take a break from the apartment hunt and use this unemployment time to dream up my ultimate apartment. Below is the result of too much free time. 

(Even though these pieces are wayyyy out of my 'pocket change' range... I figure a girl can dream right?)



Animal Instinct: I plan on finding an interesting animal print piece for my room... 
I have my eye on this paper-mache Zebra head from Anthropologie.

Finding an apartment with beautiful exposed brick is like finding gold at the end of the rainbow!
 I like the industrial contrast with unique details like the giant mix-matched mirror and 
hanging work lights and the feminine dress form.

Sex & The City- Carrie Bradshaw's Apartment... need I say more.

Photo Freak: I really like how they covered the entire wall with pictures. 
I'm thinking about adding personal photos with different colors/frames to keep the eye entertained. 

Love the mix of rich mint green walls and pale pink cushions... 
not to mention the gorgeous antique trim along the wall.

~Creative ideas for the Living Room~

Wall Decor
(b, c, d, e)
Delicate wallpaper or I could go 'Carrie' style and use a light blue paint...

(f, g, h)

(i, j)

Coffee Table Accents
(k, l, m, n)

(o, p)

(q, r)

~The Bedroom~
(s, t, u, v, w, x)

Absolutely loveeee this mirrored dresser...
Mix-matched knobs from antique stores can add character to any furniture piece. 

~The Bathroom~
(y, z, aa, bb)

PBBT: The 'Perfect Bubble-Bath Tub'

~The Kitchen~
(cc, dd, ee, ff)
INSPIRATION: The 'Friends' Kitchen... 
I love the way they mixed different colors to create an 'eclectic cottage kitchen' feel.

(Basically I realized after I had created this magnificent apartment, I never really left the website... Soooo thank you Anthropologie for having just the right pieces... ha)

a) 'Savannah Story Bust, Zebra'-
b) 'Sweet Pea' Wallpaper-
c) 'Organic Rococo Mirror'-
d) 'Falling Leaves' Wall Decor-
e) 'Cloudless' Paint Color-
f) 'Atelier Chesterfield' Couch-
g) 'Lunet Chair Amethyst Leather'-
h) 'Corrigan Chair Green Leather'-
i) 'Yoruba', Pillow-
j) 'Silver Foil Pillow'-
k) 'Analiese Taper, Citrine', Candle Holder-
l) 'The Chemist's Jar'-
m) 'Well Thumbed Book Boxes'-
n) 'Traveler Coffee Table'-
o) 'Finnia' Rug-
p) 'Coqo Floral' Rug-
q) 'Mechanic's Beacon Light'-
r) 'Bird & Branch Decoupage Chandelier'-
s) 'Lasenby Bed'-
t) Laelia Bedding'-
u) 'Prosperous Plots' Curtains-
v) 'Mirrored Dresser'-
w) 'Caria' Knob-
x) 'Anthurian' Knob-
y) 'Perpetual Bloom' Towels-
z) 'Fossil Record Soap Dish'-
aa) 'Chrystalline Bubbles Perfume Bottle'-
bb) 'Gloria's Garden Rug'-
cc) 'Rococo' Pot Holders-
dd) 'Latte Bowls'-
ee) 'Food Fashion Friends: Recipes & Styling for Unforgettable Parties by Fleur Wood'-
ff) 'Ruffoni Copper Cookware Set'-

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