Monday, February 21, 2011

Designer Daze: Alice & Olivia

Alice & Olivia
Fall 2011 Presentation
The Plaza Hotel

Located at the legendary Plaza Hotel, Alice & Olivia shared their Fall 2011 collection. On my way to the second floor, the elevator acted as a time machine and landed me back to the 1930s.. or was it the 70s? The doors slid open and instantly I was invited to an elegant ballroom party, filled with glamorous models dressed to the nines in popular period pieces like 1930s flapper inspired mini-dresses... to 1940/50s tweed jackets, sweetheart necklines and fur details... to 1970s inspired jumpsuits and platform heels. Along with this fashion flashback, I thoroughly enjoyed how the warm retro color combinations laid with the delicate beaded accents on a hem or sleeve. The music selection could only aide the time warp by playing everything from doo-wop tunes to Michael Jackson hits. 

The overall presentation lead me to believe that the woman who dons Alice & Olivia... 
is truly one 'Sophisticated Lady'.

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