Saturday, January 8, 2011

i AM a whistle blower

My 'Falling Whistle' given to me by my great friend, Cristina. 
She was the first to open my eyes to this incredible campaign. 
Thank you, Cristina, for giving me the most beautiful gift --> peace.

The Democratic Republic of Congo has been fighting a war with itself for years. Their unstable government, unreasonable local groups, increased sexual violence and with growing international interest for the Congo's natural resources, makes this our world's deadliest war. 
Over 6 million have died and nearly 1,500 daily- including countless children

These whistles are our weapons to fight back. 
Raise your voice for those who can't.

Please click Falling Whistles to learn more. 
All proceeds go to rehabilitate and advocate for war-affected children.

Gwyneth Paltrow sports the whistle on a strip of ribbon.

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